Why Your Residential HVAC System Requires Preventative Maintenance Care

Like many American homeowners, you rely on an HVAC system to keep your family comfortable and healthy all year round. During the hot months of the year, the AC system blows cool air to keep you cool and comfortable. And, when the cold temperatures of the winter season set in, the heater produces the heat required to keep everyone warm. HVAC preventative maintenance care is essential to keep your home's heating and cooling equipment working properly in times of need.

Cooling A Converted Garage: What You Should Know

If you are thinking about converting a garage into a living space, one of the most important considerations is how to properly heat and cool the space. If you are considering an AC installation in your garage, there are some things you need to do to prepare. Here are some things you need to know: Should You Consider Other Cooling Options? If you think you may not want to commit to a ducted HVAC cooling system, you can consider other cooling options.

4 Reasons Why An Air-Conditioning Tune Up Is Worth The Money

If you're like many homeowners who can't remember the last time they had an AC tune-up, the system finds a way of alerting you if something goes wrong. Indeed, a well-timed air-conditioning tune-up enhances its performance, longevity, and energy efficiency. If you catch the apparent problems early on, it saves you costly repairs and leaves you to enjoy good indoor air quality. Spring signals the change of weather patterns. You'll switch the AC from the heating function into cooling or heating.

So Your AC Unit Won't Turn Off? See What Is Causing This

A sudden breakdown of the air conditioner in the dead of winter is a cause for alarm. Similarly, you have all reasons to worry when your AC fails to turn off. That's because your home will become overly cool and uncomfortable when this happens. Besides, it will waste electrical power and hike your bills. Usually, an AC running continually without shutting down indicates a malfunction in one of the internal components.

If You Own An Older Home, You Do Not Have To Retrofit It To Get A Whole House Heating And Cooling Solution

Did you recently move into an older home that does not have air-conditioning? If so, you may have been advised that the home's design makes it difficult or impossible to install ductwork for central heating and cooling without retrofitting. Homes are investments, and you may not be prepared to do a retrofit project. This does not mean that you will need to rely on AC window units and space heaters to keep your home comfortable.

5 Signs You Need To Call An Emergency AC Repair Pro

In the summer, the last thing you want is for your air conditioner to break down. Unfortunately, the scenario is all too common. You might have been planning to enjoy a day in, away from the heat, but instead, you are confronted with the lack of cool air coming out of your AC unit. Does this sound familiar? These are six signs you should get an emergency AC repair professional in your home today.

3 Reasons A Heat Wave Is Overwhelming Your AC

If you feel like summers are getting hotter, then you're not alone. Extreme temperatures can test even the best HVAC systems, but it's still frustrating to come home to a warm house. Your home's air conditioner should help keep you comfortable during heat waves, but what should you do when your house just doesn't seem to cool down? Although residential air conditioners do have limits, you shouldn't feel like you're living in a sauna even with the AC running.

How Working Air Conditioning Systems Can Improve Homes and Businesses

The invention of the air conditioning system has brought relief to many people, especially those who live in hot climates. Air conditioning systems have become common fixtures in people's homes and are also featured in most commercial buildings. By having a reliable AC installed, any home or business can be improved in the following ways. Cooler Indoor Air One of the most obvious advantages of having an air conditioner is the ability to cool the inside of a building when outdoor temperatures rise.

Has Your AC System Stopped Working? 3 Reasons To Get A Pro To Service It

A home should be a place of relaxation and a reliable source of comfort for you and your family. However, temperature changes can cause considerable discomfort to all of you while inside the house. For instance, the indoor environment will be unbearable when there is too much heat in the house. That's why installing an air conditioning system to regulate the indoor temperature is a critical project for many homeowners today.

Top Tips to Keep Your Central Air Conditioning Unit Running

A simple routine and maintenance check on your AC unit can lead to substantial savings for your home. Taking care of your unit is essential for its efficiency, durability, and reduced malfunctions. You need to frequently maintain your central air conditioning's fins, coils, and filters for it to serve you for an extended period. Maintenance of AC units might seem expensive. However, with proper servicing and repair, your AC's service life is extended.