Managing Your HVAC System

Residential Heat Pumps — Problems That Require Assistance From Repair Contractors

Many homeowners prefer heat pumps to heat and cool their homes because of their energy efficiency and user-friendly maintenance. Like other HVAC systems, they can experience problems. If you encounter any of these complications, hire a professional repair contractor.

Not Cooling Properly

In addition to a heat pump providing your home with heat, it can also send cool air inside. If you try to use the cooling feature and it doesn't respond, hire a repair contractor.

They can inspect the heat pump and its components to determine why cooling is an issue. They might find a problem with the thermostat or an issue with the AC coils and filter. Either way, their repair will be code-compliant and efficient.  

Frozen Outdoor Unit

Certain events can cause your heat pump's outdoor unit to freeze, including a refrigerant leak, blockage, and fan problems. If your outdoor unit does freeze, you need to hire a repair contractor fast before you go without cool or warm air for a long time. 

Heat pump repair contractors are accustomed to frozen units, so it won't take them long to thaw the system and keep it from freezing again in the future thanks to their timely adjustments. 

Produces Weird Smells

If your heat pump produces weird smells, it's not working as it should. For instance, there could be a problem if you smell something burning every time you start the heat pump. That's probably a sign that a component is getting hotter than it needs to. 

Hire a heat pump repair contractor for any weird smells you can't track down. They can use their years of training and thorough assessments to track down the smell and fix the problem causing it before long. 

Refrigerant Leaking Out

For a heat pump to run, it requires refrigerant. The substance can leak out from different parts, including the lines and around the outside unit. If you suspect your heat pump has a coolant leak, hire a repair contractor.

It won't take them long to diagnose the source of the leak, considering they're familiar with the layout of heat pumps and common places that leak refrigerant. Once they find the problem area, they can patch the leak and verify it holds. 

If your heat pump ever acts up and you're unsure how to fix it, hire a professional repair contractor. They can get your heating and cooling system back up and running quickly, ensuring you remain comfortable in your home.  

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