Managing Your HVAC System

Don't Let A Broken AC Condenser Ruin Your Summer

If your AC unit breaks down, it can be a huge hassle, especially in the middle of a hot summer day. You'll need your AC more than ever and you might have to wait a long time to have your AC repaired. Therefore, if you notice any potential problems with your condenser, make sure to have it repaired quickly so your AC unit doesn't end up completely broken.

A Few Things to Check Before Calling a Repair Technician

You may begin to notice that your AC is not cooling your home very well. Before you contact an AC repair technician, make sure that the thermostat is not set too low. Also, reset the circuit breaker. If the AC still doesn't work, go outside and check the condensing unit to see if the condenser is running. It's the large box that sits outside your home. The fan should also be running.

How a Condenser Works

The condenser plays an important role in the operation of your AC unit. It converts refrigerant gases into liquids. The purpose is to cool the refrigerant. In the process, all of the heat is released and exits your home.

Repair Options for Your Condenser

If your condenser fails, it will need to be repaired or replaced by an AC repair technician. Fortunately, it's often possible to repair a capacitor because some of the parts that commonly fail can easily and inexpensively be replaced. The entire motor could also fail, but this is more expensive and you will only want to replace it if you are left with no other choice.

How the Repair Technician Will Proceed

The technician will clean the condenser coils if necessary before repairing the condenser. They will inspect the fuses to make sure that none of them are blown. Even if they identify a blown fuse, this doesn't mean that they won't also replace any components of the AC unit. A defective compressor is commonly the reason why the fuse is blown in the first place.

The technician will check the inside of the access panel. They might discover evidence that rodents have been chewing on the wires and you might need to contact rodent control as well. They might discover broken electrical wires and will replace them. 

There are several components that the AC repair technician might discover are broken and need to be replaced such as a capacitor or a contactor. After the broken components have been replaced, the repair technician will test the AC to make sure it's working again.