Managing Your HVAC System

What Could Be The Problem If Your AC System Stopped Working?

Most homeowners will carry on with their lives without considering the state of their air conditioning system until it breaks down. Given that your AC unit keeps the conditions bearable in the hottest and most uncomfortable months, you must care for it like your other appliances. More so, you will have an uncomfortable indoor space if you aren't keen on the telltale signs that your unit might have complications. Here are some reasons your air conditioning unit has stopped working. 

It Makes a Lot of Noise 

Modern air conditioning systems make little to no sound when running. Hence, the feedback you should expect is either a soft humming sound or no sound at all. So, if your unit rattles, hisses, bangs, and squeals, you might have problems that need a technician's expertise. The cause of these noises could be something as simple as trapped dirt and debris inside the unit. Also, it could be a significant problem, like some parts of the system breaking loose and banging continuously inside the unit. Whatever the noise, it is best to hire a repair technician to check the source and determine how to resolve it before you experience unit failure.  

When the Refrigerant Leaks

A leaking refrigerant is another common AC issue that happens when parts of the compressor get punctured. More so, it is common for components to incur punctures as the air conditioner ages. However, once the coolant starts to leak, your AC's cooling efficiency will also drop. Typically, the system needs an optimal refrigerant volume to keep the home cool. Moreover, note that it is not healthy to have leaking refrigerant all over your home because the fumes are dangerous to your health. Hence, call a repair technician for repairs immediately after you realize the system has this problem. 

You Haven't Cleaned the Air Filters for a Long Time

The air filters are a crucial component of the air conditioning system. When clean, they efficiently filter the air that flows into your indoor spaces. On the other hand, as the filters keep collecting dirt and other contaminants, they will clog. Eventually, the dirt and grime will get to a point where it may impede the airflow inside the unit. When this happens, an AC repair expert will recommend cleaning or replacing the air filters to restore system efficiency.

These are simple and effective expert solutions to resolve issues when your air conditioning unit stops working. Always hire a competent AC repair expert to assess your system and determine what needs fixing so it can resume regular function.

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