Managing Your HVAC System

Heating Services: Is Your Heater's Blower Motor Saying It Needs The Heating Repair Service?

Do you think your heating system gives too little heat even running at full blast? You could be looking at a faulty blower motor. This component is crucial in pushing heated air into your home. It is a bit hard to diagnose a faulty motor because it's not visible and is at the other end of the ducts. However, an HVAC contractor can tell the fault easily. Here are some of the alarms that could alert you to seek heating services:

1. If You Feel Little or No Air Blowing

When the blower motor performs optimally, you will feel air currents blowing from the vents. Therefore, there will be very weak or no airflow coming out of the vent, and if this happens, it's a sign that your blower motor may be damaged or broken. 

It is important to fix this as soon as possible because in many cases it can cause more expensive problems down the line like clogged ducts which are hard to clean and can make for a less than ideal living situation during cold weather.

2. If You Smell Burning When the Heater Turns On

This is a common sign that the blower motor is going bad. The smell is usually caused by the insulation on the motor burning off. If you notice this smell, it's important to have a professional inspect the heater as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

3. If You Hear a Screeching Sound

Do you hear a screeching sound when the heater turns on? This would be coming from the blower's fan belt. This belt can become too tight, which causes it to squeak and wear out over time. The heating repair service will inspect the belt for fraying or loosening. The belt can be tightened if it's not too frayed but should be replaced if it has extensive wear and tears.

4. If the Heater Runs Too Long With No Sensible Heat

A common sign that your home heater's blower motor is going bad is if it runs for too long without providing any sensible heat. This could be because the motor is worn down or something is blocking the airflow. The technician will discern the problem, starting with testing the motor and checking if the ducts are clogged. 

5. If the Power Bills Skyrocket

The heater is a huge power consumer; the heating elements take up the larger share of power in an electric heater. In a fuel heater, the motor is the largest user. If you have the latter kind of heater, and the bills skyrocket, then the motor should be the first suspect. 

A faulty heater motor causes reduced comfort and could also put your family at risk. Therefore, a blower motor should receive priority attention. You need to seek heating services and allow a heating repair technician to attend to your heater's blower motor on a priority basis. For more information on heating services, contact a professional near you.