Managing Your HVAC System

What's A Two-Stage Furnace?

If you need a new furnace, you can have an HVAC contractor come to your home, look around, and make some recommendations. One option that may be recommended is a two-stage furnace. This style of furnace is relatively new, but it's a very promising option for a lot of homes. Here's a closer look at what two-stage furnaces are and the benefits they offer for homeowners.

Two-Stage Furnaces: Defined

Two-stage furnaces basically have two different settings they can run on. The first stage is a lower setting that delivers enough heat to keep a home warm on the average cool day. The second stage is a higher setting that delivers a ton more heat — as much as a home needs on those really cold, below-zero days. 

Generally, a two-stage furnace spends most of its time in stage one, and it only kicks into stage two on occasion, when needed. You can often tell what stage the furnace is running in by the sound it makes. It will be a bit louder when running in stage two. Many of these furnaces are also paired with thermostats that tell you what stage the furnace is running in at any time.

Two-Stage Furnaces: The Benefits

So, why would someone choose one of these furnaces? Here are some of the key reasons.

  1. Energy Savings: Two-stage furnaces save energy by running on the lower setting when possible. On this setting, they burn less fuel than a one-stage furnace would. Yes, they burn more fuel in stage two, but they typically only run in stage two on occasion. 

  2. Greater Comfort: Two-stage furnaces tend to keep a home at a more consistent temperature. Since the heat being blown out is not overly hot, you won't get as much fluctuation. The home will only cool down a little before the heat kicks on.

  3. Better Air Filtration: Because the furnace also blows air out more slowly on stage one, this makes for better air filtration. The filter has more of a chance to "grab onto" the particles, which means your air stays cleaner. This may mean fewer allergy symptoms and a cleaner home overall.

Two-stage furnaces are becoming quite common in residential homes, and for good reasons. These furnaces allow the homeowner to save energy, improve comfort, and enjoy cleaner air. Your HVAC contractor can tell you more about these specific furnaces, how they work, and what one can do for you. Look into HVAC repair near you for more information.