Managing Your HVAC System

AC Questions To Determine Repair Needs

If you are having problems with your air conditioner, then waiting to have them taken care of doesn't make sense. In fact, the sooner you have AC repairs fixed, the better, and this is the case for different reasons. The following information can be helpful in spotting potential repair issues and knowing when to make the call for repairs.

You should know what to watch for

When you come home, and it's very hot because the air conditioning never came on when it should have, then it's obvious there is a problem. However, it isn't always so easy, and sometimes you may be left wondering if you may be imagining things. Or, you might ponder whether something is going on with another system in your home, and it's not the AC at all. Asking yourself the following questions when you question whether there's a problem with your AC can help. 

Is the air cooling the same as it normally does?

A big question to ask yourself when you are wondering about the status of your air conditioning is whether it is still cooling your home the same. If the answer is yes, then there may still be issues, but it might take more investigating in order to determine if this is the case. If the answer is no, then this signals it would be a good time to call a technician out for the AC. 

Is there a noise that's coming directly from the air conditioner?

A noise coming directly from the air conditioner indicates something has changed. It may be something as simple as a paper lodged in the duct and blowing around. However, noise can't be ignored because it can also be serious and indicate things like a leak or a problem with the motor. In most cases, a noise does require attention beyond what someone with no experience should handle. 

Is there an odor?

If there is an odor that seems to be coming from the air conditioner, there may be an indication of what the problem is depending on the type of odor you smell. If it is a very rotten smell, then unfortunately there may be something dead in the ducts. If there is a musty smell, then this is likely mold. A burning plastic smell can indicate an electrical problem or something like a problem with a belt. Any odor needs to be taken seriously and if there is reason to expect electrical issues, the system should be turned off and a call made for an emergency repair visit.

For more information about AC repair, contact an HVAC contractor.