Managing Your HVAC System

Cooling A Converted Garage: What You Should Know

If you are thinking about converting a garage into a living space, one of the most important considerations is how to properly heat and cool the space. If you are considering an AC installation in your garage, there are some things you need to do to prepare. Here are some things you need to know:

Should You Consider Other Cooling Options?

If you think you may not want to commit to a ducted HVAC cooling system, you can consider other cooling options. Window air conditioner units are an inexpensive way to get a room cool with little effort. The air conditioners simply sit in a window and are ideal for smaller areas. However, if you have a large garage or your garage does not have windows, this is not going to be the best option for you.

Mini-split systems are another option you may have thought about. The mini-split systems require two units. It needs both a coil and a condenser. The coil and condenser are connected by tubing that sends refrigerant throughout the system to cool the area. You do not need ductwork with this type of air conditioner. The condenser remains outside that works with a component that remains inside. The mini-split system is more costly than a window unit but tends to be more efficient. However, they are not going to cool a large space as efficiently as a ducted HVAC system

How Do You Prepare for the Installation?

No matter which cooling option you choose, make sure the space has the proper insulation. Not all garages have enough insulation to keep the space cool enough to be comfortable. Also, look in the space and locate any air gaps or spots where air can get out. You do not want your cool air going outside instead of staying inside the room.

Where Will You Locate the Ductwork?

If you choose an HVAC for the garage, you need to think about ductwork. The location of the ductwork will depend largely on the garage. If your garage is attached to your home, the ductwork is likely connected and can be easily routed to the garage. You can also have the ductwork moved to an outer wall of the garage and install a vent to cool the home. If the garage is detached, you may need an entire ducting system installed in the space before the installation.

Converting a garage to a living space is a major investment, and you want the area to be comfortable. An HVAC system offers comfort and ease, especially if you have an HVAC installed in your home already. Be sure to work with a licensed HVAC contractor on this project as you decide which option is best for you.