Managing Your HVAC System

4 Reasons Why An Air-Conditioning Tune Up Is Worth The Money

If you're like many homeowners who can't remember the last time they had an AC tune-up, the system finds a way of alerting you if something goes wrong. Indeed, a well-timed air-conditioning tune-up enhances its performance, longevity, and energy efficiency. If you catch the apparent problems early on, it saves you costly repairs and leaves you to enjoy good indoor air quality.

Spring signals the change of weather patterns. You'll switch the AC from the heating function into cooling or heating. At this juncture, requesting an air-conditioning tune-up prepares your AC to adapt to a new operational mode. As such, you must engage an AC technician to calibrate your unit to sync with the functional change. 

Here are reasons why an air-conditioning tune-up merits your efforts.

1. A Cost-Effective Repair Option

A professionally installed AC unit depends on many parts to perform exceptionally in your home. If it runs on a loose blower component or corroded fan or motor parts for long, these issues explode into costly repairs. 

At times, you may catch the problems when it's too late. Instead of incurring hefty repair or replacement costs, you need a regular air-conditioning tune-up to eliminate system defects. What's more, these tune-ups extend the AC lifespan, and you don't have to budget for a new system.

2. They Increase The AC Lifespan

Perfectly maintained AC units cool your home without overworking. An annual or quarterly tune-ups enhance efficiency and performance. If you neglect it, it costs more to maintain the livable conditions while the component damage might bring it to a halt sooner than expected. Ideally, the frequency of use determines the AC's lifespan, but requesting regular air-conditioning tune-ups every few months guarantees more years for the unit. With periodic maintenance, a perfectly sized AC unit provides the best value for money.

3. Tune-Ups Preserve Your Warranty

When installing your AC system, the manufacturer's terms and conditions specify professional installation and maintenance. If you observe optimum air-conditioning tune-ups, it's easy to redeem your warranty if a problem arises. 

It would help if you worked with trained and experienced AC technicians to handle the servicing. They help you document critical tune-up information that a manufacturer needs to honor your repairs before the expiry date.

4. Prevents Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

An air-conditioning tune-up emphasizes proper system lubrication and tightening of loose components. But it prevents deadly carbon monoxide leaks. HVAC technicians inspect your heat exchanger for cracks. 

If the AC filters are blocked, the exchanger works too hard and develops cracks. This leads to carbon monoxide exposure. Frequent tune-ups identify such hazards, and a skilled AC professional replaces the faulty exchanger to keep you safe.

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