Managing Your HVAC System

So Your AC Unit Won't Turn Off? See What Is Causing This

A sudden breakdown of the air conditioner in the dead of winter is a cause for alarm. Similarly, you have all reasons to worry when your AC fails to turn off. That's because your home will become overly cool and uncomfortable when this happens. Besides, it will waste electrical power and hike your bills.

Usually, an AC running continually without shutting down indicates a malfunction in one of the internal components. However, other factors can also contribute to this problem, and only a professional air conditioning repair service can help you find out. Read on to learn some of these causes. 

Problems of the Electrical Components

Like other appliances, the AC needs a power source to run. Most homeowners use electricity to run the AC. However, the electrical components of your AC will suffer wear and tear over time, leading to electrical problems.

One of the common electrical issues is when the contactor to the compressor fuses in a closed position. As a result, it causes the condenser to run without stopping, leading to unmanageable electrical bills. In this situation, you should contact an HVAC technician to help you reset the problematic switch and restore the function of the contactor.

Problems of the Thermostat

A faulty thermostat is another common reason for the AC's failure to stop. Typically, the thermostat determines and regulates the temperatures in a room. The unit will run until the room attains the desired temperatures when you set it to a given temperature.

However, a faulty thermostat cannot accurately determine the temperature in your home. Consequently, your AC will keep running endlessly. To ensure accurate control of indoor temperatures, you should replace your thermostat every decade. 

Unclean Condenser Coils

The condenser is the part of the air conditioner that releases pressurized heat from the indoor air. When the condenser coils accumulate dust and dirt, their ability to draw heat from the refrigerant reduces significantly. 

As a result, the system keeps on running continuously in an attempt to cool down the house. You can resolve this problem by having a professional HVAC contractor clean the condenser unit, especially the coils.

Check the Fan Limit Switch

The fan attached to the air conditioner either works independently or when triggered by the thermostat. Most systems have a limit switch that allows you to override the thermostat. However, your AC won't stop running when the switch breaks down, regardless of the thermostat settings.

Air conditioners are generally complex appliances. Although some problems might seem easy to handle without professional assistance, you should leave the above issues to the experts. An air conditioning repair specialist has the required knowledge and tool to fix your AC expertly.