Managing Your HVAC System

If You Own An Older Home, You Do Not Have To Retrofit It To Get A Whole House Heating And Cooling Solution

Did you recently move into an older home that does not have air-conditioning? If so, you may have been advised that the home's design makes it difficult or impossible to install ductwork for central heating and cooling without retrofitting. Homes are investments, and you may not be prepared to do a retrofit project. This does not mean that you will need to rely on AC window units and space heaters to keep your home comfortable. A mini-split installation is a common choice for homeowners who do not have sufficient space to install ductwork for central heating and air. The following points represent reasons why ductless mini-splits are ideal for older homes.

Eliminate the Need for Ducts

These systems are ductless, which might seem odd if you have never heard of them. There are several perks that you can expect by choosing to invest in a mini-split system. Since there are not any air ducts, you will likely have better air quality. Homes with central heating and air must have air ducts. The ducts are responsible for distributing air through homes. They can get dirty when allergens, such as mold spores, dust, and pollen, get trapped in them. The absence of these particles will be meaningful if you or another family member has allergies or respiratory conditions like asthma.

Controlled Air

If your home is large, you may not want to cool or heat your entire home especially if some rooms are unoccupied. Installing a mini-split system will allow you to activate the air-conditioning or heat in specific rooms. 

Save Money

There are significant costs associated with retrofitting a home to accommodate ductwork. Opting for a ductless mini-split installation means that you can expect a lower-cost installation. Your decision could mean that you will get perks that you might not have gotten from a retrofit and central HVAC installation. Since you can control which rooms you heat and cool, you will likely have lower energy bills when you choose to only heat and cool the rooms that are occupied. You can also save money if you purchase optional add-ons to enhance your new system.

Access to Modern Technology

Today's mini-split systems afford homeowners a few modern features. You can choose a system that allows you to access the system remotely. This means that you can turn the heat on and off in certain rooms or the whole house, which is a bonus if you want to return to a comfortable home. There are also features that can help you determine how much energy you have used. Another perk is setting timers to automatically shut off the heat or air. 

An HVAC contractor is a good resource to use to get more information about mini-split installations. They can inspect your home and explain the installation process. 

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