Managing Your HVAC System

Air Conditioner Compressors, Leaks, And Repairs To Get Your Home Cool Again

The compressor of your AC is the most important component, as well as the most vulnerable. Problems with the compressor can lead to leaks and issues with your air conditioner not cooling your home. Therefore, you want to know when there is a problem with the AC compressor that needs to be repaired. The following air conditioner compressor problems can cause the leaks that cause your home to not be cool.

Dirty units that cause damage to the AC compressor — The AC condensation unit is where the compressor and other vulnerable parts are located. This is an area of your air conditioner that needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly. When the AC unit is dirty, it can cause issues with ice building up on parts and causing damage to the compressor. Therefore, if you have a problem with ice building up on air conditioner parts, you may need to have a professional clean the unit and service the compressor.

Issues with a bad compressor clutch — The compressor of your AC has a clutch that engages it when the refrigerant needs to provide cooling. This is one of the parts of your AC that can wear out and cause failures. When your system has a problem with the AC compressor clutch, it can be replaced to get your system cooling your home again. Problems with ice and strain on the compressor can contribute to the clutch failure, which is another reason why you want to make sure the unit stays clean and is serviced regularly.

Wear of parts causing issues with AC compressor operation — There are also problems with parts that can wear and cause issues with the AC operations. Some of these parts include the compressor clutch and moving parts, which need to be oiled to ensure they are well-lubricated when the AC is working to keep your home cool. There are also other electrical problems with your AC that can cause the compressor to not work and may need to be repaired by an HVAC technician.

Problems with the refrigerant lines — There are also issues with the refrigerant lines of your AC that can cause problems. For example, if the lines are incorrectly sized, it can cause issues with cooling performance and problems with leaks. The lines may need to be updated to larger lines and leaks will need to be repaired to prevent problems with your AC and damage to the compressor.

The issues with your AC compressor can cause your home to be warm and not get cool. Contact an air conditioning repair service to fix these problems to get your home cool again.