Managing Your HVAC System

Signs Your Home's Air Conditioner Needs Professional Repairs

Waiting too long to have problems with the air conditioning system repaired can be a significant error in a homeowner's judgment. When this mistake is made, they can find that they may be forced to invest in an entirely new air conditioning system. Recognizing the signs that your air conditioning system would benefit from being worked on by a repair contractor can be an important first step.

Allergy Problems

While it is true that there are many mechanical warning signs that an air conditioning system is needing to be repaired, homeowners will often overlook their allergies suddenly becoming worse. When this occurs, it may indicate that there is a problem with the air conditioning system that is impacting the air quality. Mold colonies growing in the system, faulty air filtration components, and other problems can be relatively simple to repair so that your home's air quality problems can be improved.

Hot Air Coming From The System

An air conditioning system that is failing to cool the air that it is blowing into the home may actually end up moving hot air from outside into the house. As a result, this can be a problem that homeowners will likely want to address immediately. In situations where the system is still blowing air, it may indicate a problem with the refrigerant that the system uses to cool the air. In particular, this likely indicates a leak has formed that may have allowed the refrigerant to seep out of the system or the refrigerant may have degraded enough to no longer be effective.

Cool Air Not Making It To Upper Rooms

For homes that have multiple floors, it can be the case that the air from the central HVAC system may stop being able to make it to the rooms on the upper floors. This is often the result of the system's blower weakening, which can reduce its ability to push the hot air to the further areas of the home. Replacing the blower can be a major repair, but it should still only take a few hours for an experienced air conditioning repair contractor to complete.

There are numerous potential problems that your home's air conditioning system could experience, and a homeowner that is unable to recognize the indications that they will need professional assistance can fail to take timely steps to repair and limit the damage to the system. After a homeowner learns about the impact HVAC problems could have on their allergies, the cause of hot air blowing from the system, and cool air being unable to reach rooms that are far from the system, they will be better able to respond to these issues.

For more information on getting repairs, reach out to an air conditioning repair contractor near you.