Managing Your HVAC System

3 Reasons A Ductless Air Conditioning System Might Be Ideal For Your Restaurant

If you're renovating an old restaurant building or if your current restaurant is always too hot, especially in the kitchen, it could be time to consider having a ductless air conditioning system installed. A ductless AC allows you to set up temperature zones in your building so kitchen workers are just as comfortable as customers in the bar or restaurant. Here's why a ductless air conditioner could be a good investment for your kitchen.

1. Your Chefs Will Have Better Working Conditions

Restaurant kitchens are notoriously hot due to all the heat-producing equipment in use. Keeping the kitchen cool with a traditional central air unit can drive up your power bill, but a ductless AC can keep the area cool while still being energy efficient. That's because there are no ducts involved. The blower mounted on the wall is connected directly to the condenser outside. The kitchen then has its own thermostat controls so the kitchen AC can run longer without freezing out people in offices or the lounge.

2. You Won't Have To Cool Areas That Don't Need It

Restaurants are usually energy hogs because of the crowds of people that gather in them. You want your customers to be cool while they're in the bar and later when they're enjoying a meal or they may complain and not return. However, there's no need to waste energy keeping an inventory room or office spaces super chilled, especially when they're empty. A ductless AC can have a number of air blowers in different zones hooked up to a single condenser.

This allows you to have a different temperature control setting for inventory rooms and offices than you have for the dining area. You'll also be able to have different temperature settings for vacant meeting rooms or overflow dining spaces so you can custom-control the climate in your restaurant so your energy bills are kept under control while keeping everyone cool.

3. You Can Eliminate Air Loss Through Ducts

You can also use a ductless AC to provide heat by reversing the operation of the unit. If you choose to do this, you can eliminate the ducts and cut down on the amount of heated or cooled air that has to travel through the duct system. That could result in energy savings and help you keep the temperature in your restaurant more stable. Plus, if you need to install a brand new climate control system, you can eliminate the need, expense, and space required for ducts and a separate AC and furnace.