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5 Tips For Using Deep Frying Equipment In Your Restaurant

If you want to start using deep frying equipment in your restaurant, then you might be looking forward to preparing delicious deep-fried meals and snacks for your customers. There might be some concern about using your frying equipment correctly, and it might take some time for you and your employees to get used to using this new equipment. The five tips for success below can help give you a good start, though.

1. Buy the Right Deep Fryer

Be selective when purchasing your deep fryer. Look for a deep fryer that is well-made and that has a warranty, if you can. Think about your anticipated output, and choose an appropriately sized piece of equipment. Additionally, consider looking for a deep fryer that is designed to work efficiently while conserving energy and oil.

2. Use the Right Cooking Oil

Even if you have the best deep fryer, you aren't going to be able to prepare good food without the right oil. You will want to look for an oil with a high smoke point so that it will not break down or change in flavor when your deep fryer is heated. Also, buy a good-quality oil if you want to improve the taste of the food.

3. Focus on Safety

Deep frying can be a dangerous way to prepare food. Always following the right safety tips will help you use a deep fryer safely, though. Dressing appropriately, avoiding putting wet food in the fryer and ensuring that the deep fryer is never left unattended are some of the main things that you and your employees should focus on. Additionally, ensuring the deep fryer is in good repair and making important repairs promptly is also essential for safe use.

4. Change the Oil Frequently

Simply using the right type of frying oil is an important step, but no matter how carefully you choose your oil, you'll need to make sure that you change it regularly. Oil can be reused a few times, but after a certain amount of frying has been done, it's important to change it. This varies based on the type of oil that you're using, what you cook in the oil and the frequency of use of the deep fryer. When changing the cooking oil, be sure to dispose of it in a safe and sustainable way if you can.

5. Have Equipment Maintenance Done Regularly

Keep your deep fryer in optimal condition by having equipment maintenance done frequently. Your deep fryer's instruction manual should provide information about the maintenance that should be done, and you can talk with a maintenance and repair technician, such as a Frymaster repair service, about maintenance and repairs that need to be done.