Managing Your HVAC System

Wondering How To Pay For A/C Replacement? Tips For Financially Stressed Households

Summer heat is more than uncomfortable for many households across the nation. When a member of a household suffers from a serious respiratory health problem, it may be medically necessary for them to remain indoors in an air-conditioned space. Central air conditioning systems do more than just cool the air. In fact, they remove the excessive humidity that can make healthy lung function painful and more difficult for those with some types of respiratory health conditions. If health reasons make having a reliable air conditioning system a necessity in your home but you are struggling to pay for repairs or replacement, the following tips may help you find the financial assistance you need. 

Check with your home insurance provider

Some types of home insurance coverage may cover the replacement costs of an air conditioning unit if it was damaged by a covered incident or accident. Vandalism, damage from a lightning strike, wind, or fire damage are just a few examples of instances when replacing your central air unit may be covered.

Consider a payment plan

Some air conditioning system manufacturers and installers offer payment plans to help make expensive heating and air conditioning systems more affordable to replace. In addition to asking about a possible payment plan, it may be possible to find discounted pricing by purchasing one that has been repossessed or to place the cost on a low-interest credit card to make the purchase more affordable. 

Apply to federal or state agencies

The Federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a nationwide program to help with the costs of heating and cooling. Qualifying for an assistance grant through LIHEAP is based on total household income and the actual amount of assistance available can vary widely from state to state. If approved, LIHEAP may be able to pay for all or part of the cost of replacing heating and cooling equipment. 

Appeal to local churches and charities

A local church or charity may be able to help to assist you with finding funds to replace a non-working or unsafe central air conditioning system or component. Many maintain funds specifically to assist struggling families in their area with HVAC repairs and replacement or can assist with community fund-raising activities for that purpose. 

Repair instead of replace

If your existing unit is repairable, doing so is likely to be much less expensive than total replacement. Before making a final decision, contact a reputable air conditioning contractor to evaluate your current system and provide you with a cost estimate for repairs. 

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