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Investigate And Remedy A Leak Inside Of Your Bathroom

Leaks can become monumental if the root of a problem isn't discovered and water continuously drips onto the flooring inside of your bathroom. The fixtures that adjoin pipe sections tend to wear out after consistent pressure has been applied to them and clogs inside of plumbing can contribute to plumbing malfunctions. Do a little detective work on your own to determine if you can remedy the situation or if you need to call a plumber.

Find The Damage

If the plumbing in your home hasn't been replaced since you bought your home and your home is relatively old, galvanized pipes may have corroded and weakened over time. A plumber should be hired to assess all of the plumbing because multiple pipes may be on the verge of cracking due to the formation of rust.

Although it may seem like an inconvenience to have all of the plumbing inspected or replaced, doing so will eliminate unexpected ruptures that could lead to massive flooding inside of your home.

If the plumbing is newer, however, you can assess the exposed plumbing to determine where a leak is located. Small cracks may not be visible, so running the tips of your fingers along the length of plumbing pieces will help you determine where moistue has accumulated.

Replace Fittings Or Apply A Plumbing Product

If a leak is located along the edge of a fitting, turn off the main valve that is attached to the plumbing and use an adjustable wrench to remove the fitting and adjoining plumbing pieces. Match the fixture with a replacement by showing the damaged fixture to a salesperson at a plumbing hardware shop.

If the damaged portion of the plumbing is located along the surface of a pipe, rubber gasket plumbers putty or tape can be used to stop the leak. Each product should be applied to the outside of a pipe after cleaning and drying the area that needs to be fixed. Although using putty or tape isn't exactly repairing the problem, either plumbing product will remain intact for a while and buy you some time.

Place a utility bucket underneath the section of the plumbing or the new fixture so that water will be collected if the repair steps did not correct the problem. Take the time to inspect the plumbing and make the effort to protect your plumbing from clogs. Use a strainer inside of the bathroom sink if you have small children and are wary about small objects going down the drain when they are using the sink. 

If there is a leak in the bathroom that cannot be accessed, don't take any chances of the problem becoming worse. Call a plumber like those at Powder  River Heating &  Air Conditioning Inc to seek help with troubleshooting and resolving the issue.