Managing Your HVAC System

How To Improve The Air Quality In Your Home

You shouldn't have to worry about poor air quality inside your own home - it should be clean. The air you breathe in your home may not be nearly as clean as you may think, especially if you've never cleaned your duct work or your HVAC system. To help improve the air quality inside your home see below for some helpful tips:

Clean Air Filters

Clean your air filters inside your system in order to prevent dander and dust from being sucked into your system and blown back into your home. You may notice excessive dust around your home if you have a dirty air filter. A clogged air filter can also prevent air from getting into your system, which can choke your HVAC systems and cause them to break down prematurely. Remove the air filter and replace it with a new one every other month or every month if anyone in your home has allergies or breathing problems.

Vacuum Vents

Vacuum the vents and air returns around your home. Use the hose and attachments to get as deep as you can into the vent or return. To prevent clogged vents or returns, be sure they are securely attached to the floor or wall and that small fingers aren't dropping items down into the duct work. You may be surprised at what you vacuum up from these vents/returns.

Clean HVAC Systems

To help prevent poor air quality you can clean your HVAC systems (furnace and air conditioning units). Clean your furnace by turning off the power to the unit and vacuuming out the inside of the furnace, which can accumulate with dirt and dust. Clean up the areas around the unit as well so there aren't any air blockages. Clean the air conditioning unit by giving it a nice hose down to clean up grass clippings, dirt, and dust from the unit. Open up the top and clean the inside as well to remove dirt and other debris. Spray the unit from the inside out.

Professionally Clean Duct Work

Have your duct work cleaned by a professional HVAC company. You can try this yourself, but it will get thoroughly cleaned by a professional. They have the proper tools and know-how in order to get the job done right and to prevent dust, dirt, and bacteria or mold spores from getting blown around your home.

The air you breathe should be clean no matter where you are, but you expect it to be clean in your own home. Contact a professional HVAC company like Reid’s AC & Heat to have your duct work cleaned to improve your home's air quality.