Managing Your HVAC System

How A House Fan Can Improve Your AC's Efficiency

An AC unit uses a set of evaporator coils to absorb heat from the air in your home. This is an effective means of cooling your home during the heat of the day, but have you ever stepped out of your home while your AC is chugging away in the evening only to find that the air outside your home is cooler? This is because your AC can only cool so much air at a time, and when your home heats up during the day, it can get hotter faster than your AC unit can cool it back down. Having a secondary method of cooling can help to save you money, especially if you use a house fan. 

A House Fan Is not a Ceiling Fan

It is important to note that having a fan inside your house is not the same thing as installing a house fan. A ceiling fan or an oscillating fan is designed to cool one room. On the other hand, a house fan can cool your entire house in a matter of minutes. To install a house fan, workers must first cut a hole through your ceiling into your attic, then place the house fan in this hole. Once in place, the house fan can then vent heat out of your home through your attic while at the same time pulling cool outside air into your home. 

How to Use a House Fan to Your Advantage

Because a house fan only has one motor and an AC unit uses two fan motors and a compressor, a house fan will use 10% less electricity than an AC unit. Thus, if you open your windows when the outside temperature starts to fall and turn on your house fan, you can cool your home in a matter of minutes and keep it cool through the night while using a fraction of the energy that an AC unit would. 

A house fan does have limitations. For example, if you open your windows during the day and turn on your house fan, it will still vent heat out of your home, but it will also pull heat into the home through your windows. Thus, it is best to use your AC to provide cooling during the day and the house fan to take over during the night. By using both machines in tandem, you can be comfortable with the temperature inside your home and the price you pay for cooling. 

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