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3 Potential Problems Caused By Not Changing Your Central Air Conditioner's Filter Regularly

If you have a central air conditioner unit, you may find yourself forgetting to change the filter regularly or perhaps you do not think it is a big deal. However, there are three potential problems that could result when you do not change your air conditioner's filter on a regular basis:

Air Conditioner Does Not Run Efficiently

When your unit's filter is clogged up, the air is not able to flow freely throughout the system. As a result, your air conditioner's motor must work harder to force air into the ductwork, greatly decreasing its ability to run efficiently.

The most noticeable sign that your air conditioner is not running in an efficient manner is your electric bill. Because the unit is working so far, you will see a marked increase in the amount of electricity it has to use, even if you have a high-efficiency unit.

Motor Starts Short Cycling

Another problem that can occur when your filter is dirty is short cycling of the motor. When the air flow is partially blocked, a large amount of the cold air remains inside the air conditioning unit.

Because the temperature stays cold, the motor kicks off before it has a chance to reach the inside of your home. When your house does not feel any cooler, you then turn down the thermostat, making the unit turn on. Then, the cycle repeats itself.

As the motor short cycles, it is placed under a lot of stress when it is forced to turn on and off rapidly. The motor will then start overheating, which causes it to burn up more quickly. When this happens, the motor will need to be replaced.

Compressor Constantly Freezes Up

A burned up motor is not the only possible problem caused by the trapped air inside your air conditioner. If the air is not able to pass through the filter, it will accumulate around the compressor, making it freeze up.

When the compressor freezes up, it will no longer be able to cool the air inside your home. While it may melt once it warms up, the problem will only repeat itself if the filter remains unchanged. Eventually, the compressor will quit working, resulting in the need to replace it.

Remembering to change your air conditioner unit's air filter regularly can help you avoid the above problems. Contact a company like Miller Services HVAC Inc. for more information and assistance.