Managing Your HVAC System

2 Reasons To Consider Central Air For Your Home

Installing a central air system in your home is often a good choice due to how efficiently and quickly it can cool your home and make you and your family comfortable during the summer. Listed below are two reasons to consider central air for your home.

It Is Quiet

One of the biggest reasons to consider central air over a portable air conditioner or a window-mounted air conditioner is the fact that it is quite quiet. In many cases, when you have a window-mounted or portable air conditioner installed in a room, you will have to contend with quite a lot of noise. In many cases, those types of air conditioners can often drown out your television or make it so that you have to speak a bit louder when you are trying to hold a conversation in the room with those units are installed.

However, a central air system doesn't really have the noise issue because it is going to be installed outside of your house. This means that when the air conditioner and the compressor turn on, you will be insulated from the noise by the walls of your home. In most cases, you are not really going to hear anything beyond the sound of the air exiting your vents unless you are in a room where the central air system is installed right outside the window, but that isn't too common as most contractors will attempt to avoid placing the unit near a window.

It Can Be Very Efficient

Another reason to consider central air for your home is that it can be very efficient. One of the reasons for this efficiency is that you do have a wide range of accessories that you can buy that will increase the efficiency of the unit, such as a smart thermostat.

Smart thermostats are able to increase the efficiency of your central air unit by allowing you to program times of the day where the air conditioner is going to remain off, such as when you and your family are out of the house due to work or school. You can also utilize smart thermostats to turn off your air conditioner remotely by using an app for your smartphone or tablet if you or someone in your family left the house and forgot to turn off the air conditioner.

In addition, there are also high-efficiency central air units available that can cool your home down without greatly increasing your monthly utility bills. A nice added bonus to these high-efficiency units is that you can often get tax credits if you purchase high-efficiency units or ENERGY STAR compliant units.

Talk to a residential air conditioning company, like I C E Heating & Cooling , today in order to determine if your home is a good candidate for central air and how your family may benefit from having central air in the home. You will want to consider central air for your home because it is quiet and can be very efficient.