Managing Your HVAC System

4 Mistakes You Can Make With Your Air Conditioner

Your home's air conditioner works hard to keep your home cool all summer long. Unfortunately, you may be doing things that can harm the appliance, causing the air conditioner to become less inefficient or break down prematurely. Here are four mistakes you could make that is not good for the air conditioner.

Micromanaging the Thermostat

You may think you are saving money by constantly adjusting the thermostat to your needs, but this can actually cause more harm than good. Your air conditioner needs to run consistently for longer periods of time for it to be energy efficient. When you are constantly changing the temperature on the thermostat to have it run as little as possible, you are causing the compressor to start and stop more than necessary. This puts unnecessary wear on the compressor. Avoid complications by just leaving the thermostat alone and let the air conditioner do its job at managing the temperature.

Not Covering the Compressor

You will want to take some steps to prep the condenser for the cold winter. All you need to do is cover the condenser with a tarp. This will prevent ice from forming in the unit, and prevent debris from finding its way inside as well.

Ignoring Annual Maintenance

You may not see any reason to have the unit serviced if it is working properly. Air conditioners still need regular maintenance to prevent small problems from turning into large ones. Contact an HVAC technician that can help with inspecting the mechanical component and fans for problems. The thermostat should be tested to verify that it is reading the correct temperature. Coolant needs to be at the proper levels, and any leaks in the coolant line will need to be fixed.

Not Cleaning the Components

There are two components of your air conditioner that need to be cleaned, the condenser and the evaporator coils. The condenser can be cleaned using a garden hose. You will want to run water through the fins on the inside of the unit to clear out any leaves, dirt, or debris that has found its way in. The fins are how air flows into the condenser, so any obstructions can cause the unit to become less efficient.

A dirty evaporating coil can cause the air conditioner to blow warm air and run longer than necessary to cool down your home. Cleaning the evaporator coil can also be done as part of annual AC maintenance by an HVAC technician.