Managing Your HVAC System

Summer House Guests? 3 Ways To Keep Your Cool When The In-Laws Come To Visit

Family time is always a good thing, yet you know that having your house filled with relatives can sometimes lead to a few blowups. As the host, you have the home team advantage of being able to at least control your environment so that everyone has a good time. Since you know that tempers tend to flare as the temperature starts to rise, use these tips to get your cooling system in shape so that you can at least be sure that everyone is comfortable.

Schedule Seasonal Maintenance Before They Arrive

Cooling systems are amazingly efficient these days. However, you will still need to give your unit a little help to make sure it lasts through the summer. Since the last thing you need is to have your father-in-law hovering over your shoulder while you do your maintenance tasks, go ahead and arrange for your technician to come out and give it an inspection before your house is full of well-meaning relatives.

Open Up The Guest Room Vents

Closing off the vents to your unused rooms is a great way to be eco-conscious and save on your utility bills. However, a common mistake many people make is forgetting to open them up. Make sure that you aren't greeted in the morning by a red faced and sweaty in-law by just going through each room now to make sure that the vents are open and fully functioning. Once the air has been running for a little while, give the rooms a second check to make sure that they are cooling off properly to a temperature that is similar to the rest of the house.

Have a Back Up Plan For Emergencies

Having your HVAC unit checked early in the season is the best way to avoid an emergency air conditioning repair. However, things can still happen, and you never want your in-laws stuck in sweltering home. Naturally, you know to call your air conditioning repair company at the first sign of a potential problem, but you will also want to know how you will keep your in-laws cool while you wait for repairs. Have a few places in mind such as the community pool or a local aquarium that everyone can go to and cool off until the AC is working again.

You might not be able to control your in-law's knack for somehow getting under your skin, but you absolutely can control your home environment to be more conducive to friendly relationships. By making sure your home's temp stays within a comfortable range, you will eliminate any cranky behavior that accompanies a major heat wave. Click for more info about keeping your HVAC system at its best.