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Steps To Take To Minimize Production Downtime When Your Boiler Malfunctions

If you work in an industry where you have a boiler on the premises to aid in the heating of water for production of your wares, you most likely rely on this important piece of machinery to get your jobs completed each day. If you find yourself in a situation where your boiler suffers from a malfunction, steps to continue production within the company will be necessary so you do not lose an excessive amount of money during this situation. Here are two steps you should take as soon as you notice your boiler is not working up to par.

Call A Repair Service Immediately To Get Help Fast

It is extremely important that you contact a boiler repair service, such as Rickett Industrial Environmental Systems, as soon as you suspect the equipment cannot be repaired with conservative means by someone within your business. Rather than take the risk in trying to make a repair that may not work properly, a call to a professional will ensure the end result will be a boiler that works as it should without the chance of causing additional damage because of the way the repair work was conducted.

Waiting to call a service for repair can lead to extensive downtime of your unit, making it imperative that you get on the phone as soon as possible to reduce the wait your company will need to endure. A technician will be dispatched to your site immediately to do an evaluation of the boiler. It will then be determined whether the boiler will need to be removed to be brought to a repair shop or if it can be fixed on the premises.

Consider A Backup Boiler When Waiting For Repair

If the repair service is unable to come to your company immediately, renting a boiler until they can get there is an option. A rental service will bring a boiler directly to your company and provide a technician to help with the hookup and breakdown of the unit before and after it is used. This service will help with the removal of water from the tank before it is to be strapped back on a delivery truck to be returned to the rental service as well.

Renting a unit is an option that will be invaluable if you find out that the repair work needed to fix your boiler will require several days or weeks. This will allow your repair service to remove the unit from the property and wait for the necessary parts to make a repair will not be as much of a concern as you will have a backup unit available to continue your work during your regular boiler's absence from your company.