Managing Your HVAC System

4 Of The Most Common Causes Of Air Conditioning Failure

When the summer is hot and the air conditioning is working hard to keep your home cool and comfortable, one problem can shut the whole system down. Sometimes they are problems you never saw coming, other times they are completely avoidable. Taking the time to clean and maintain your air conditioning system is critical to its operation and should not be overlooked. Here are a few reasons your air conditioning might not be working properly.  

Condenser Coil Freezing Up

In the warmest months, it is not uncommon to hear about an air conditioning unit "freezing up" but what does that really mean? It refers to ice forming on the condenser coil and blocking the airflow through the coil. This is where the air cools off before entering the duct work and ultimately the home so if air can flow through the coil, the air coming into your home is going to be warm. The most common cause of freeze-ups is dirt and debris in the condenser coil. Cleaning and servicing the air conditioning unit yearly is the best solution for this.

Compressor Failure

Another major failure point is the compressor in the air conditioning unit outside your home. The compressor is one of the most important items in the unit and it works to compress the refrigerant in the system and pump it through the system. The system is dependent on the pressure to make the refrigerant cold and if the compressor fails, so does the cooling ability of the air conditioning unit. The compressor is expensive and in some cases, it may be cheap to replace the entire unit than to just replace the compressor.

Fan Failure

The fan in your air conditioner is outside and exposed to heat, cold, and weather changes throughout the year. While it is a pretty durable part of the air conditioning unit, it can fail over time. If it does, it is expensive to fix but is necessary for the system to function properly. The fan can be replaced by a qualified air conditioning technician in a couple hours in most cases.

Lack Of Yearly Maintenance

The biggest problem more people face with their air conditioning units is completely avoidable. A lack of service, inspection, and cleaning is probably the most common reason that AC units fail. Take the time to have the unit serviced and cleaned every year and you will be a lot less likely to have problems with it. Not every breakdown can be avoided or planned for but keeping up with the maintenance is the best way to try.

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