Managing Your HVAC System

Proper Heat Distribution In Your Home Can Save You Money

It's interesting to think about how your heating efficiency depends not only on the performance of your heating system, but also on how heat is distributed throughout your home. Here are some things to mark off your checklist when you're trying to arrange an efficient heating system.

Don't Heat Unnecessarily

First of all, think about how you can eliminate heat flow to areas that you don't really want to heat. HVAC leaks are a common source of heat waste. You don't want a good portion of your heat to go into your crawl space before it even reaches vent. So, check out how you can repair heating ducts with your heating contractor.

Set Priorities for Heat

Certain areas of your house will be used on a more regular basis than others, so it's natural that those areas need more temperature control resources. You can close off vents in areas that you don't use very often as a starting point for shunting heat to the core areas of your home.

Use What You Already Have

Another principle to keep in mind with heating systems is that you don't want to turn on your electric heater or furnace when you don't need to. And there are many ways to avoid doing so. One is to get a geothermal heat pump that takes energy from the underground heat reserves to heat your home. Another option is to use a heat pump that pushes heat from room to room or from inside to outside to create a better distribution of heat. If it's as simple as redistributing the heat that's already available to your home, you don't want to have to turn on your heater and waste money and energy.

Keep Heat from Leaving the System

Finally, consider how you can keep the precious heated air you've created indoors from escaping to the outdoors. Things like replacing old insulation and getting windows insulated can help create an indoor environment that is completely separate from outside influence.

All of these principles are very important when you are planning out your heating systems or trying to make improvements to the one you already have. Of course, having a well-maintained heater is your first stop, so keep your heating contractor in the loop with your maintenance plans. But also consider the four points above to see how you could make your system more efficient without even trying. For more information, contact a business like High Tech Heating & Air Conditioning Inc