Managing Your HVAC System

How To Reduce The Volume Of Your AC Unit

While some AC units can be very quiet, there are plenty of air conditioners that rattle on and can be very distracting. Air conditioners that cycle on and off may even force residents to regularly turn the TV volume up and down in response to the drowning out from the AC. Even if your AC is healthy, some find the constant humming of the AC to be aggravating. Fortunately, there are things that can be done to reduce the volume of your AC.

Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioner units do not generate more noise themselves, but noise enters the property when the window air conditioner is turned off. The sounds of traffic, construction and wind can pass through the opening of the window unit and into the property. One solution is to place a shield on the outside of the unit. This will force air to take a right-angled path. Also, the shield can be lined with foam to further dampen the noise. 


If you are instead using ductwork, the ducts can be a source of noise. The ducts must be padded with closed-cell sound-absorbing foam. The ducting must be isolated from the fan shroud with a flexible coupling. Otherwise, this will be a source of vibrations. Also, liquid soundproofing can be spray painted on the ducts as an additional way to reduce the vibrations generated by the ducts. Also, the vents themselves may cause air noise and should be removed to test whether this reduces the noise. 

Defective Units

Have your AC checked by a professional to make sure that there isn't something mechanically wrong with your AC. If your AC is broken, this can produce a rattling noise or can cause your AC to sound like a loud generator. If it is not repaired soon, you may be forced to purchase a new one. However, if your AC is severely damaged, you might want to take time to look into newer air conditioners that have components that do not generate as much noise. The AC compressor is usually the loudest component on an air conditioner, but improvements in insulation technology have reduced the volume of these units. Some of the noise comes from the vibration of AC units, but new mounts dampen the vibrations. Variable-speed blowers generate less noise on average because AC units are louder when operating at full capacity. Newer fan blades also generate less noise. For more information, visit or talk with an HVAC contractor.